Original vintage postcard embellishment.

25x17 cm

14x9 cm Photo

Vintage postcard decorated by hand on vintage poetry book pages with a marked Shabby Chic style. All the materials used are from my own vintage collection, poetry book, lace, crochet, tull, pins, etc.
Beautiful and exclusive detail for a special corner.

 Decorative accessory in Shabby Chic style.

25x17 cm

14x9 cm photo

Handmade Shabby Chic style decorative accessory. Decoration for a delicate corner of your home. Vintage image mounted on English poetry book pages and embellished with materials from my own vintage collection, lace, crochet, silk sari, etc. Zigzag stitching.

Small details that will make unique that space in your room.

Shabby Chic decoration for walls, scraproom, decorative accessories, etc.

22x15 cm

Original and exclusive envelope or decorative bag handmade with scrapbooking paper decorated with vintage materials from my own collection. Lace, saris, fabrics, handmade crochet sewn by machine with zigzag stitches. Inside you will find a variety of authentic vintage ephemeral material.
Unique gift for a very special person with a delicate taste.

Handmade altered envelope or folder with a marked Shabby Chic style, ideal for decorating romantic style spaces, scraproom, etc.

19x19 cm

Handmade with Scrapbooking paper embellished with vintage materials from my own collection, sarees, crochet, antique key, authentic franked ephemera. Machine stitched with zigzag stitching. 

Perfect and exclusive gift for someone with exquisite and delicate taste.