Craftroom and Materials

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Although I have always surrounded myself with illustrations and vintage papers, in the last five years I have dedicated part of my time to create, at first part time and then I decided to dedicate myself fully. I have worked with different decoration techniques, from interiors to clay objects, to finally create with paper.

Scrapbooking and handmade bookbinding caught me at the time, I discovered that all my style and creativity could be captured in beautiful books, the fact of recycling and giving new life and utility to remnants of the past fills me with satisfaction.

All my Journals have something of me in them, that's what it is about handmade things that transmit the essence of their creator.

I try to tell a story in each one of them, taking care of the details.

I prefer to work with vintage materials, dated documents, postmarked in other times, recycled, and whenever possible choosing environmentally friendly materials such as my inks, adhesives, threads, papers, etc.

Some corners of my studio

Some materials

My projects, most of my Scrapbook works are characterized precisely by the diversity of materials, which I select taking into account different factors, among them, whenever I can, I usually look for them in charity stores, my inks are ecological, the adhesives are acid free, the papers are usually recycled from old books, the textiles and laces are mostly recovered, wool, waxes and ecological raffias. This contribution, this grain of sand for the respect of the environment satisfies me and fills me with joy.

On this page I will leave images of some of the materials with which my Journals come to life and end up becoming that exclusive gift for someone special or for your particular whim.