Once upon a time...

I am a simple, hard-working, nature-loving, family-oriented woman, to be happy I don't need much, I enjoy the small details that life gives you.


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Trained in Schools of Applied Arts in Malaga and Seville and at the distance University, specializing in artistic ceramics and design and Art History.

Since as long as my memory reaches I have had a fairly close relationship with paper, collecting all kinds of images, cards, letters, stickers, scented envelopes, perhaps useless pieces that I treasured to give them a longer life, I think I remember.

Today I create and design journals, the handmade binding satisfies me enormously. Creating Journals for me is very important, as I believe that sometimes it is necessary to stop and capture your moments and feelings and see them with perspective, these wonderful handmade books are a place where you can face your fears, where you can express your dreams, your experiences, your moods and your desires, a therapy that I definitely recommend to everyone.

On this journey called life that goes up and down, it would be good for all of us, no matter where we are, where we go or where we are from, to use a journal, write in it, keep your memories, this ritual heals and helps nourish the soul.


If there is one thing I learned in this journey is that what gives meaning to our life is to do what you are passionate about, thus fulfilling your dreams.


Reaching your goals whose path to achieve them is made up of small achievements in the day to day produces a satisfaction that motivates you to follow the path with enthusiasm.

I hope you fall in love with this world as I do, that's how you will understand my work and discover the love and care I put into every detail.

You are welcome!!