Cazorla Park

Published on 6 October 2023 at 17:30

This time our getaway in this early autumn we have made it not far from our city Seville. We decided to go into a Natural Park located about 400km away, within our autonomous community of Andalusia, towards Jaen, as its landscape offers a unique experience of white villages and a vast sea of olive trees. The choice was Sierra de Cazorla, a town that is undoubtedly committed to the development of rural tourism and is so recognized, as this is the largest protected area in Spain and second largest in Europe.
Cazorla is shown and shows its charm between whitewashed houses and its mountains behind, and just approaching this town and see it in the distance invites you to visit it.

Cazorla is full of charm, tapas in its taverns full of Arab-Andalusian flavors, the murmur of its fountains and above all the rural atmosphere that is so attractive, where time has stopped ....
As three or four days are long enough and the intention was to make routes in nature, we went to install the base camp, this time we chose the Camping Puente de la Herrería, what we were looking for was the closest thing to free camping, without pretensions, just calm and continuous contact with nature.

The experience has been enriching and of course recommended, the spectacular scenery, the tranquility during the week guaranteed, and as I mentioned before, the contact with the animals has been wonderful.

From the tiniest squirrel through beautiful foxes, lush wild boars, deer in their rutting season and of course the full moon, uf could not ask for more! Total enjoyment, to repeat without a doubt, whenever we visit Cazorla we say the same phrase, we will return!

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