Menorca, the calm island

Published on 29 August 2023 at 18:45

More or less 10 years have passed since we discovered this small island in the Mediterranean, what to say about this rock that has not already been said .... I know for sure that it caught us, dazzled us or bewitched us.
I should also mention that our daughter Ainhoa is a resident of this beautiful land and that is the most important reason why we have returned every summer, in addition to the above mentioned.
The first summers spending the summer in Menorca (the small island of the Balearic Islands) also became a great relief for us, we left our city Seville and those torrid days of the long summer became fresh and lighter. I emphasize again that those were the first summers. Climate change today is a reality and affects the whole country and everyone in general.
Despite this, the natural landscape, the bright light, the blue color, the calm atmosphere, the warmth of its crystal clear waters, the rich gastronomy, its fishing villages, etc, continue to make Menorca a paradise to which you will want to return.
In this beautiful island you will find places where it seems that time has stopped, small fishing villages that see the world go by reflected in tourism. It is not a place for fun at night, it is a very familiar environment where you will find the tranquility and the necessary disconnection to renew energies and marvel at the view. The great attraction of Menorca is undoubtedly its coastline, its paridisiacal coves of fine white sand in the south, reddish and cobbled in the north.
One of the few places that still preserves its authenticity, although it has also grown and has been able to adapt to tourism.
Without hesitation I would return again and again, I will always find a solitary place to discover to enjoy the natural and delight me with its sunsets.

In future posts of this beautiful place I will tell you from our experience, the pros and cons of touring the island in Camper during the summer!

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