Published on 27 June 2023 at 19:07

Mogarraz (Salamanca) this unusual and isolated town immersed in the oak forests in the Sierra de Francia (Spain) that has managed to preserve its architecture, traditions, has also managed to attract tourism to give life and movement to its narrow streets.
Declared a Historic-Artistic Site at the end of the last century, this town is exposed and offers visitors a charming network of alleys and passageways up and down from its main street.
Typical of Mogarraz are its facades decorated with wooden and stone frameworks, some houses of considerable height, as well as lintels and engravings with religious allusions, shields of ancient lineages or the feared Inquisition.
The visit can be done in more or less 2 hours, parking is not easy, we advise you not to enter the town with your vehicle, park outside and let yourself be led step by step through its streets, since along the way you will find something that will catch your eye. attention.
On practically every façade of every house you will see paintings, portraits of former inhabitants who are currently deceased, around 400 portraits that in 1967 a local painter and a local initiative decided to give them their space and make them immortal in some way.
So on your walk you will be accompanied by its former inhabitants who seem to be watching us.
The town itself is very similar to its neighbors, with a very attractive and well-preserved type of construction.

Recommended town if you like ancient places with a touch of mystery in which it seems that we have traveled back in time.

And as I told you about parking, it was not easy to find a spot for our Camper, but the effort was worth it as we toured the village in one morning.

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