La Alberca

Published on 16 June 2023 at 15:24

La Alberca unique and small town in the heart of the Sierra de Francia.
It is located 80 km from Salamanca (Spain) here we will find this little jewel that incredibly preserves its customs and traditions over time.
It was already mentioned in its day by illustrious writers such as Unamuno, Cervantes or Lope de Vega.
Declared today an Artistic Historic Site, this region that remains rooted in its religious customs and rites, is surrounded by beautiful landscapes that delight visitors.
In principle, what attracted us to choose this place as a destination, as well as its architectural complex and its landscape, was that its legends and traditions, how the new generations have known how to maintain these unusual customs for the time, and how this Somehow they have managed to attract the hundreds of visitors who walk daily through its alleys and corners full of mysteries.
Death is very present in the lives of its inhabitants, a clear example is a rite, the one that most caught our attention, every afternoon of the year at sunset a woman (the girl of the souls) walks through the town while ringing a bell Saying a prayer for all the souls in Purgatory.
The legend of the town tells that due to inclement weather one afternoon she could not go out to her ritual and a bell from the church bell tower collapsed.
Walking through La Alberca is like traveling to the past, since it is characterized by the customs and superstitions of its people.
It is essential to walk through its Plaza Mayor, which is said to be the witness of everything that happens in a town, and of course not to stop tasting its good wine accompanied by some tapa of its exquisite sausages.
Traveling with our Camper we spend the night in the motorhome area (without service) which is located about 150 meters from the town center.


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