My first trip in a van, what do I take with me?

Published on 28 May 2023 at 18:14

What an illusion, what emotion and what nerves, my first trip in a van. 

What will I need and what not?

Let's go in parts, the first thing I do and I advise is to check the weather for the areas where I'm going to travel, obviously right?

Always starting from the base that we travel in our Camper and that we already have it equipped with the essentials for us, I mean kitchenware, pantry with food, bathroom with towels, also some by hand, oh and if it's summer the beach one , waterproofs, some pen and hygiene products always in small containers, first aid and some pain reliever, etc.

I recommend if it is winter and you have to spend time inside the van that you do not forget a board game that will make the moments inside fun.

Let's start with the bed, you decide whether sheets with a duvet or sacks (I personally prefer sheets with a duvet and pillows, that's how the bed is always made).

Two pairs of footwear for each person is more than fine, hiking boots or ankle boots and flip-flops or slippers depending on whether it is winter or summer.

Clothes, because according to your destiny, if you go to nature or it is cultural, that is how you will choose your clothes, at most one change of clothes for each day, here is the famous phrase just in case... that is not valid for traveling by van (you know that I speak from my experience and most of the times that I utter that phrase I return with clothes that we did not even wear) in the van the minimum space is valuable That is why you have to be as organized as possible.

Oh I forgot a couple of loungers and a table for the outside with which you can really disconnect or Serving the landscape!

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