An extraordinary experience

Published on 24 May 2023 at 15:58

In the last decade, the fashion of traveling by van or motorhome has spread so much that it has already gone a long way from what in another era was linked to this activity.
Not so long ago this way of life was related to a hippie environment, people who lived in a particular way and with a less structured attitude in their day to day, what has been a free spirit.
But that, as I say, is already behind us in time, today it has taken on a fairly important boom and anyone who considers it can choose this way of traveling and living.
I am not one to idealize, nor to exaggerate, telling only the good things about situations, like almost everything in life there are pros and cons.
I will always speak to you from my experience, from what I have experienced traveling in a Camper.

The pros

Without a doubt La Libertad, the freedom of being able to choose where to go, when to go and how long you want to stay in the same place, this is undoubtedly what I like most about traveling by van.
The fact of having everything you need in your space gives you that peace of mind to spend the night here and have lunch the next day in any other place.

Traveling by van is more than just a vacation, it is a way of life. 

Since you adapt to taking only the essentials (I will make a new entry with what we should take as necessary) because it is not about accumulating things, it is about accumulating experiences leaving your comfort zone. 

Every day at dawn you do not know what the day will bring you or where you could spend the night again, an adventure that you will want to experience again.

The cons

Perhaps the space when you have been on routes for several days, although in our case we currently consider ourselves privileged since our Camper is tall and we can stand up, we have a bathroom with a hot shower, central heating, an interior kitchen and a double bed. 

But in our first van we had that kind of lack, it was the biggest drawback, the space in the passenger compartment.

I hope that our experience helps you to get an idea and if in the end you dare it is not necessary to buy one to experiment, nowadays you can easily rent both Campervans and Motorhomes, but I also warn you that this way of life is addictive!


The road awaits you

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