The Enchanted Forest of Parauta

Published on 16 May 2023 at 21:47

Today we move to the province of Málaga (Spain) specifically in the Valle del Genal, a place that has recovered its life from a municipal initiative and an artist, carver and sculptor based in the town. 

They decided to beautify their town and attract rural tourism to the area, and they have succeeded, since this route has become fashionable and many of us are going to visit them and enjoy the surroundings.

The Enchanted Valley of Parauta is a path or linear route of about 3 km round trip, suitable for the whole family, in it we will come across carvings on the trees of various magical and enchanted figures, such as fairies, elves and witches.

Once we arrive at the town we will follow the indications that will guide us the way to gradually enter this beautiful natural area, breathing fresh air, enjoying nature and admiring the work and imagination of the artist Diego Guerrero.

Once the trail begins we find a small square or viewpoint with themed decoration and some butterfly wings, several stalls with drinks and snacks, and of course the chestnuts for sale, since the area is surrounded by groves and especially chestnut trees, as we progress along the path. 

According to what they say, the Parauta Forest route is a tribute to the legend of La Escareleta, a woman whose mission was to guard a magical portal that linked our world with that of enchanted beings, the legend also tells that some nights these portals open and wizards, fairies and other creatures.

I recommend your visit in November as the chestnut trees have borne fruit and their leaves turn a golden yellow that almost shines and gives the landscape an indescribable enchanted halo. 

Oh, and don't forget to look at each tree trunk on your route, because most of them have incredible and magical carvings that will surely make you enjoy!


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