Hervás. Jewish Quarter

Published on 16 April 2023 at 17:38

Again another sunrise of this beautiful spring and our 2nd day of route begins.
We set up our base camp and leave the Jerte Valley Cáceres towards the Ambroz Valley, specifically to Hervás. To do this we have to climb to Puerto Honduras altitude of 1440mt, about 17 km on a 5% slope and go back down to the northeast.

The route and the views are spectacular, the oaks accompany us to the top and on the way down the impressive chestnut trees surround you almost all the way, at the highest point each valley is on one side, panoramic views.

We reached our destination Hervás, almost at noon we look for where to park the Camper (right next to the gardens in the center), we decided to walk around the village and have lunch.

Hervás, this town is a reference in the Ambroz Valley, for its location and heritage value, which becomes a tourist spot of a high level. It highlights its Jewish quarter, which in Spain is considered one of the most charming corners of our geography.

Very well preserved, with its streets and alleys that maintain their original names, such as Sinagoga or Rabilero.
Passages, slopes, ornate facades and the Ambroz river that divides the beautiful village bring character and beauty recognized to this town.


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