The Bridge of the Papuans.

Published on 11 April 2023 at 16:11

The Bridge of the Papuans Jerte

route data

  *Distance: 5 km (round trip) linear.

  *Time: approximately 2 hours

     (with small pets)

  *Difficulty: Low, but with many ascending slopes on the way out.

  We start at the Jerte tourist office, going up Tahona street to the end of the houses, this paved and sloping section. 

We reach a bridge that we cross, leaving the river on our left. 

Poplar groves at the beginning, and finishing oaks, during the tour the sound of the water does not leave you at any time, forming small waterfalls. 

Lush vegetation that provided us with shade. 

The route itself is not difficult but it is almost entirely on a slope.

At one point we visually recovered the riverbed and of course we already knew that we were close to the destination.

You have to pay attention to the signs that mark the path, since just to the left of the path there is a narrow path that takes you to the Bridges the of Papuans, from where you can see a beautiful waterfall, which you will see from different perspectives from rock to rock there is no danger.

The return is downhill retracing the path, faster without a doubt.

After the tour and with a temperature of 33 degrees we went looking for something cool to drink. Back to the van to set up base camp and spend the night next to the riverbed (a wonderful sound of water and vegetation) in Cabezuela del Valle because it is Easter and there are so many tourists in Camper, the authorities are usually more permissive and allow you to do so.






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