Ode to Spring

Published on 11 April 2023 at 16:59

The days begin to lengthen, the sun tempers the long winter, the sky becomes friendly, nature vibrates once again with its intense palette of bright colors, the scent of flowers permeates our clothes in ourselves, life is reborn.
We have chosen these days of Holy Week to go out to nature, we could have also chosen to stay in the city, since my city during this week is filled with options for leisure, it is decorated and beautifully ornamented. Seville  (Spain) and its Holy Week, in principle it is not easy to overcome that plan, but this year we have decided so, and we chose to get away from the crowd and disconnect for a few days in the lands of Extremadura (Spain).
We traveled by camper van, we traveled with the house in bed and also with our pets, which are two small Chihuahuas.
We have visited two valleys, the Ambroz and the Jerte, an explosion of life, a visual wonder that if you can visit do not hesitate.

During our three-day stay we took the opportunity to make some visits that we had pending.



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