The Origin of Scrapbooking

Published on 5 March 2023 at 16:45

The literal translation of the term Scrapbooking is scrapbooking, the technique is basically using photos, illustrations, stamps, cutouts, texts, etc, in its composition. However, it is much more than that. It is clear that it is a creative tool, infinite and interesting that will take shape which will always depend on its creator.

Although its origin is imprecise from 1769, for example James Granger published the history of England, in this book he included drawings, in addition to the text, as well as blank pages where his readers could add their comments, illustrations, letters, engravings, stamps, and complete with their own history, to that of their country.

But probably among the best known characters are Thomas Jefferson who during his 8 years in office collected newspaper clippings and ornaments in albums.

Mark Twain author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer tired of his struggle with the adhesives of the time, patented in 1873 an album with adhesive sheets, a book with sticky pages that when moistened allowed to adhere to its pages clippings, which were really successful, hence ironically it was said that his white books represented more profit than the written ones.

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