Fairies Junk Journal


Unique handmade fairy junk journal is a writing book full of fantasy.

22x15x5 cm


I have tried to recreate a magic tree on the cover of this Junk journal, using mixe media materials. It is entirely lined on the outside in cotton fabric, painted, I have recreated the tree bark with stencil stencils and special paste to give volume. With different layers of water-based paints I have achieved this color effect to integrate the fairy protagonist. The spine is created with four sores giving a classic touch to the book. Finishing the process with gloss varnish to protect it completely.

The inside of the front and back covers contain transparent bags with multicolored fantasy and cardboard following the pattern of the exterior. You will find three signatures sewn with binding thread to the inside spine to make them invisible, in them I attached different types of paper, some from a digital kit and a variety of cuttings from old books, stamps, postcards, journal cards, envelopes, zigzag stitched flyers, stencils, stickers, textiles, etc. Plenty of space for writing, plus lots of fantasy.

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๐Ÿ’ Perfect for a special gift.

You can use it as a journal, photo album, travel notebook or signature book.


Please note that this is a handmade product, the main goal is to create a unique and vintage journal and the slightest imperfection is intentional, which gives character to the book.