Alice in Wonderland Travel Journal

Limited edition



Thisfolder with a handmade travel Journal inside is available in two colors.

Protective folder with interior pockets for travel journals.

This original set of folder and Journal of the recurring adventures of Alice in Worderland is created in textured, varnished and stitched scrapbook papers, as well as different types of vintage and hand-dyed paper. Inside you will find a signature with space for writing, for treasuring souvenirs, photographs, etc. All decorated with lace, textiles, bows, beads, collages, mix media and zigzag stitching.

💝Perfect for a special gift. You can use it as a journal, photo album, travel notebook or signature book.


Please note that this is a handcrafted product, the main goal is to create a unique, vintage journal and the slightest imperfection is intentional, giving the book character.