Handmade Journals Created in Spain

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   Are you one of those who shake off all the bad things by writing in your Diary and are reborn?

Are you thinking of an exclusive handmade gift?

Do you appreciate and value handmade products?

Looking for inspiration for your own Journals?

Well, let me tell you that if your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are in the right place.

When you enter my creative space you will discover my world, where inspiration leads the way, where I create freely, where my own vintage style flows, where yes, why not?

here you will see that magic exists!

With the technique of scrapbooking I create unique Diaries and Junk Journals handmade from scratch. For some time now I've been collecting materials, some old, others recycled, whenever I can I usually opt for the ecological in all of them, I give a new life to elements of other times, therefore, have a marked vintage style, which otherwise would become waste...

Let me show you my Journals, maybe you will find some ideas for your handmade works or maybe you will fall in love at first sight with some of the ones I have created.

Documenting small details of your daily life becomes a celebration of who you are. "

Carolyn V. Hamilton